Music group’s crowdfunding campaign heightens Kickstarter’s profile

The crowdsourcing campaign Kickstarter stands to gain popularity after legendary RnB female group TLC announced Jan. 22 it is using the service to generate funds for its final album.   To date, TLC has raised over $150 thousand with music sensation Katy Perry donating almost $5 thousand herself.

Perry’s big donation could lead other independent musicians to send their Kickstarter links to prominent artists in hopes of getting some sponsorship.

Kick starter has done something miraculous. It has figured out a way to turn the good nature of people and prove the test of fans of artists work and convert that into a dollar value with no real guarantee of getting anything out of it at all” –  Xpress aka DJXP -dj/producer/musician

Although Kickerstarter has been around since April 2009, the TLC crowdfunding campaign could entice other independent music artists around the world to launch their own.

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