Inuit are the hungriest Indigenous group in Canada

A study released Mar. 27 says Inuit people are experiencing the highest food insecurity rates out of all indigenous groups in Canada.

The study, conducted by the Council of Canadian Academies, found  68 per cent of Inuit people do not know where their next meals will come from, and 35 per cent of households do not have enough to eat.

It also concluded 76 per cent of Inuit students skip meals regularly, and 60 per cent have gone a full day without a meal.

Courtesy of CBC.
Courtesy of CBC.

The average cost of groceries in Nunavut is  $19,760 a year for a family of four, while the average income for most Inuit families is barely $20,000 a year, Huffington Post reports.

Awareness of child hunger was initially brought to light in 2010 following an Inuit Child Health Survey.

David Natcher, a professor from the University of Saskatchewan, told CBC that while he knows the people in northern Canada will not be surprised by the findings, he hopes the people in southern Canada will be disappointed and embarrassed.

Natcher also said Canada does have the resources or funding to help put an end to this issue.

Featured image courtesy of the Huffington Post.

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