Will Google’s new smartwatch interface be a game changer?

The war of wearable tech has just gotten fierce, with Google’s announcement of  a new interface for its smartwatches Android Wear.

The interface, which was announced via YouTube, connects an Android phone to a watch, bringing everything Google to your wrist.

This promotional video gives an idea of what the new Android Wear interface is all about:

Google ‘Now’

Tech gurus call this the first “decent” smartphone interface to date.  Google has moulded its Google Now platform into a different screen size and shaped it to fit the Android Wear.

Google Now is Android’s groundbreaking platform that studies your behaviour patterns and spits out information you may likely need even before you ask for it.

It stores information like the weather, traffic, your daily commute routes to help you organize and “manage” your life better.






Features of Android Wear

One of the key selling points of the interface is the voice and gesture feature. Similar to the Google Glass headset, you can simply say “Okay, Google” and voice a command and — voila —  Google instantly obeys.

The smartwatch also has several screens that allow you to check local weather conditions, read text messages, or call a taxi.

Some of creators explain the technology behind the toy:


Too much tech makes Jack a dull boy

While all this excitement continues surrounding Google’s new toy, the question of ‘how much tech is too much?’ still looms.

Do people really need to know how many calories they’ve burned while dashing to the airport to catch their flight in time? Is it really necessary to check the game scores while playing with your son in the bath?

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