New app tracks immunizations

Not sure when you’re due for your next immunization? There’s an app for that.

ImmunizeCA is a new bilingual mobile app created to help Canadians keep track of their immunizations.

The app also provides expert-approved information about vaccinations for children, adults and travellers.

Included are vaccination schedules specific to your province or territory. Users receive appointment reminders and notifications about local outbreaks.

“It is imperative that we all maintain our vaccinations, from infancy to your senior years, and the ImmunizeCA app can help us, right at our fingertips,” says Ian Culbert, Executive Director of the Canadian Public Health Association.

A collaboration between the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), Immunize Canada, and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) made the app possible. Funding was provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

“Canadians can keep track of their immunizations electronically and quickly access information from trusted sources,” says Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health.

ImmunizeCA is a free, single download app available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry operating systems.


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