Cheese sandwich lands two-year-old a three-day suspension

Two-year-old Faith Murray has been suspended from her daycare for three days after bringing a cheese sandwich to school with her on Mar. 3 in Ottawa.

The Centre de l’enfant aux 4 Vente daycare has a very strict no outside food policy due to a number of children with food allergies whom the centre looks after.

Faith brought the processed cheese sandwich into the daycare in a sealed ziplock bag.

Her father, Randy Murray, said that he was unaware that she had the sandwich in her pocket when he dropped her off on Monday, CBC reports.

Courtesy of CBC.
Courtesy of CBC.

The teachers realized the young girl had the sandwich with her as soon as she entered the building. Randy Murray says the sandwich was handed back to him and he was told right away that his daughter was being suspended, CBC reports.

Deb Ducharme, the director of the daycare, says that the parents of the children the daycare looks after are happy about the regulations it has in place to protect those with allergies, the Ottawa Sun reports.

Courtesy of CBC.
Courtesy of CBC.

Ducharme told the Ottawa Sun the centre needs to ensure the children’s safety and well-being and that most parents are comfortable and even happy with these strict policies.

The centre has a sign on the front door explaining these rules but it is printed in French, and a number of the parents don’t speak French.

Randy Murray told CBC he wishes there was a better a warning in place for the severity of the punishments for this kind of infraction.

Since the incident, Faith has not returned due to her suspension and her father is considering pulling her from the daycare all together.

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