Foundation gives free plastic surgery to kids

The Little Baby Face Foundation offers free plastic surgery to children in the United States who have been bullied because of severe birth defects.

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Romo is the founder of the Little Baby Face Foundation and the innovator of surgical techniques involving the nose, ear and face.

CNN reports that Dr. Romo is a key promoter of the foundation and believes that children who receive plastic surgery have an increase in self-confidence.

Most children receiving plastic surgery are under the age of 18 and have faced traumatic incidents of bullying throughout their childhood. A recent case involved a young girl named Renata, who was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN.

The interview shows Renata explaining her situation and how surgery changed her life.

Before a child can receive free plastic surgery, the parents must fill out an online application so the medical advisory board can determine if it can provide corrective treatment, and also which physicians or surgeons will be available to treat the case.

The Little Baby Face Foundation displays all of the information relating to surgery on its website.

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