Second mail bomb victim dies in Tennessee hospital

A mail bomb that killed a retired lawyer just outside of his home in Lebanon, Tennessee Feb.10 also took the life of the man’s wife Feb. 13.

Marion Setzer, 72, succumbed to critical injuries three days after the package 74-year-old John Setzer retrieved from their mailbox detonated at the front of their home.

Marion Setzer died at Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Investigations also revealed that a note attached to the bomb was found at the scene, but authorities will not release further information as to the contents of the letter.

Bomb expert Joseph Vince told CNN the note may be critical to the investigation because it was hand written.

He said a note could indicate revenge or that the bomber was trying to send a message.

Officials are further looking whether the delivery was a private or commercial. It isn’t clear if the letter was attached to the package, or if it arrived beforehand.

The motive for sending the bomb is  unclear. Before retiring from law,  John Setzer had worked on general civil cases that included bankruptcy.

The couple’s neighbourhood, about 30 miles east of Nashville, is now flooded with federal, state, and local authorities looking into the case.

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