Province hikes minimum wage

As of June 1 2014, the province of Ontario will be increasing the minimum wage rate to $11 an hour, the first increase since 2010.

In future, the increase in minimum wage will be tied to the rate of inflation . Increases will be announced in April of each year.

Courtesy of CBC.

Courtesy of CBC.

Anti-poverty groups have been lobbying for an even larger increase, some wanting $14 an hour.

But Labour Minister, Yasir Naqvi believes that increases such as these may become too much to handle for businesses and will lead to job cuts across the province, CTV reports.

He believes the rate should represent fairness and predictability for Ontario and the decision should not be made on the opinion of any one political leader.

Macleans Magazine recently reported that an increase to $11.25 could still be sustainable for businesses owners without job cuts.

Wynne said she intends to ensure a balance between the workers and the needs of small business owners.

The current rate, $10.25 has been in place since 2010. Minimum wage increased from $6.85 in 2004 to $10.25 in 2010.


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