Canadian vets now eligible for Arctic Star medal

Hundreds of Canadian World War II veterans can now apply for the British Arctic Star medal — but the catch is they won’t be able to wear it in Canada.

The Canadian Honours System does not yet recognize the medal, which the British government introduced in late 2012 to any British soldier who served for any length of time north of the Arctic circle between 1939 an 1945.

There are approximately 200 living Canadian veterans who would qualify for the medal. These veterans may now apply to the British government for the medal through the Ministry of Defence medal’s office.

More than 3,000 Canadian soldiers lost their lives assisting the British in the Arctic during the war.

In late December 2013, the Royal Canadian Legion sent a letter to the Governor General’s Office asking that the government allow our veterans to proudly wear the medals, but it has not yet received a response.

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