Justin Bieber admits using drug and alcohol

Justin Beiber made a court appearance this afternoon, where bail was set at $2, 500 on charges of drag racing, driving under the influence, driving under the enfluence.

According to US immigration law, none of those offences would make him eligible for deportation, or keep Bieber from being readmitted into the US.

Upon leaving the courthouse Beiber climbed on top of an SUV to wave at fans.

Justin Bieber has admitted to smoking marijuana, drinking beer, and taking prescription medicine after being arrested in Miami this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing.


Police say two SUVs blocked the road so that the 19-year-old popstar could race friend and fellow singer Khalil in a rented yellow Lamborghini.

Earlier in the evening Khalil used Instagram to post a number of photos showing Bieber in the supercar, with one photo captioned “Miami nights ridin thru yo city in that hot wheel.”

When pulled over by Miami Beach Police Department around 4 a.m. , police say Bieber was uncooperative when asked to get out of his car, and subsequently failed a field sobriety test.

Police spokeswomen Vivian Hernandez said that Bieber was also charged with resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired Georgia driver’s license.

This Instagram video captured by user samanthurx74 purportedly shows Bieber and Khalil moments before being pulled over.

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