Canadian man made suicide bomb in Algeria

New, dark details have emerged about last year’s takeover of an Algerian gas plant, revealing a young Canadian militant to be the the maker and carrier of a suicide bomb.

In a CBC interview airing tonight  on The National,  a hostage from the gas plant attack provides stunning details about the militant takeover. One of his revelations included his encounters with Xristos Katsiroubas, a London, Ontario native who became a member of The Signatories in Blood Brigade, the group that attacked the gas plant.

Hostage overheard Katsiroubas threatening to kill hostages 

The hostage describes how Katsiroubas retrieved materials from around the plant which he used to build an improvised bomb.

Later on, the hostages were packed into SUV’s and being chased by the army. Katsiroubas threatened to kill the hostages if the groups demands were not met.

It was then  that Katsiroubas attempted to detonate the bomb, with no success.

CBC reports Katsiroubas is believed to have died later that day, possibly in a group explosion including other militants and hostages.

Katsiroubas’ story is one of three Canadians from London, Ontario who are linked to terrorism in North Africa.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Katsiroubas acted as a negotiator and translator for the militant group
  • Katsiroubas tied hostages together by wrapping explosive cords around their necks
  • cell phone footage has been recovered showing grainy pictures of the take-over, including images of Katsiroubas
  • militants were chanting “Allah Akbar”
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