Cracked wheel may have caused New Brunswick derailment

After a preliminary investigation into the train derailment in northwestern New Brunswick, investigators have found a cracked wheel and broken rail near the site.

The Transportation Safety Board stated Jan. 9 that it is too early to tell what caused the train to leave the tracks.

Senior investigator Guy Laporte believes that a wheel and axle failure may have caused the derailment based on the preliminary investigation.

CTV reports that Laporte said his investigative team will review data and specifically look at whether there was a change in temperature of the axle and wheel.








CTV reported that Laporte said 19 cars and a locomotive from the 122 car train left the tracks. This is two more cars than CN previously said had derailed. The Transportation Safety Board also said on Wednesday that the train’s brakes came on unexpectedly. But CTV reports that Laporte said that on Thursday  he was not able to verify whether the brake line was faulty.

Further investigation into the derailment has become difficult due to three cars still burning on site. This includes some spilled diesel fuel. Investigators have been unable to get too close to the site due to the continuous burning cars. Crews are still working on a plan to extinguish the fire and allowing the 150 people who have been evacuated to return to their homes.

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