5 New tech toys to watch for this year

The Consumer Electronics Show is back with its shiny new gadgets and whirring new toys. Every year since 1967, thousands of international companies flock to Las Vegas, Nevada to show off their new developments. The show has launched thousands of products that have changed the face of our world – and 2014 was no exception. LG and Samsung both unveiled curved televisions, and Oculus Rift launched a new virtual reality headset. Smaller companies, and companies you thought were gone, have also launched some amazing products this year.  Here are our top five faves:

1) Skype security systems

Photo courtesy of CES http://ces14.mapyourshow.com/5_0/exhibitor_details.cfm?exhid=T0000318
Photo source: CES 2014

Amaryllo is a company based in the Netherlands that has developed the iCam HD – the worlds first wireless IP camera that is designed to integrate with Skype. The camera is designed to provide both home security as well as baby monitoring. Features of the camera include:

  • remote pan and tilt for 360 degrees of view
  • night vision (can see over five meters away in the dark)
  • infra-red motion sensors
  • never lags more for more than half a second


2) Polaroid C

Photo courtesy of The Verge http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/6/5282760/polaroid-unveils-tiny-cube-c3-action-camera
Photo source: The Verge


This new camera from Polaroid looks nothing like what you would expect a camera to. The square design has a wide angle lens that captures 120 degrees of video. This camera isn’t just a one trick pony though, it also captures still images up to 5MP.  Here’s why the camera is perfect for those on the go:

  • it’s waterproof up to 2 metres
  • It has 2MB of internal memory
  • It has a slot for a second SD memory card



3) PulseWallet

Photo courtesy of  César Rincón http://www.flickr.com/photos/crincon/
Photo source: César Rincón

PulseWallet is one of the neatest technologies to come out of CES this year, and will most likely be one of the most controversial. Biometric terminals will be able to link to a chip in your palm that contains your electronic payment information. Paying will become as easy as holding your palm over the terminal, and the receipts will automatically be entered into your online account.






4) Moverio BT-200

Photo courtesy of Yahoo News http://news.yahoo.com/futuristic-epson-moverio-bt-200-132030024.html
Photo source: Yahoo News


This is the next generation of wearable technology from Epson. Unlike most of the new wearable-tech glasses on the market, the Moverio has a hand-held controller; meaning it is not entirely voice activated. These glasses also allow for prescription  lenses to be inserted and are smaller and lighter than earlier versions. The glasses have a front facing camera to allow for augmented reality, as well as 3D technology in the future.





5) Speck Cases

Photo courtesy of CES 2014 http://ces14.mapyourshow.com/5_0/exhibitor_details.cfm?exhid=T0003185
Photo source: CES 2014

A phone case may not seem like new or exciting technology, but these ones are. Speck cases offer at least military grade protection for iPhones and Android phones – yet the cases look nothing like the military would have. With a huge range of colours, patterns, and designs, these cases will appeal to any smartphone user. Functionality is also a big deal over at Speck, with cases having spaces for cash and credit cards.

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