End Violence on Campus- McMaster Edition

On Thursday Mar. 7, McMaster University students, working alongside the Sexual Assault Centre for Hamilton Area and the YWCA,  celebrated the launch of their two-year campaign to end violence towards women on their campus.

The campaign called “It’s Time….To End Violence Towards Women” was funded by the Status of Women Council and aims to research gender-based data on violence on campus and the surrounding areas, as well as inform the public of how to prevent it in the future.

Students and professors will also conduct safety audits over the next two years to determine the safety of campus and to collect more data about the topic in general. These audits are voluntary and will be propelled by the students for the students.

Many groups were in attendance in the student atrium, such as the McMaster Diversity group and the Hamilton City Roller Girls.

Several campus officials addressed the audience as well, including Patrick Deane, McMaster University President, and Siobhan Steward, the McMaster Student Union President.

The success of this campaign could lead to the creation of similar campaigns at other post-secondary institutions.

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