Have fun, singles



The right person will arrive when least expected. All good things are worth the wait. I am still young, there are more fishes in the sea.

You repeat like a parrot the same expressions for a long time, especially on Valentine’s Day. Yes, that cheesy day that is so good at rubbing in your face the fact you are single.

However, feeling miserable is not worth it at all. Take heart. Being single has advantages as well. There are some ways to enjoy and have fun on the lovers’ day.

For example, if chocolates, huge heart-shaped  balloons and cheesy cards cause you allergic swellings, do not worry. Get together with your single friends and celebrate a barbeque. Buy good quality steaks or ribs accompanied with beer and make a toast for the golden singles. Cheers.

Singles have the right to pamper themselves, so give yourself a present. Remove a thorn. Buy that jacket from the shop window you wanted so badly. Switch your Blackberry to iPhone or vice versa, or even buy SingStar for the PlayStation and feel like a rock star for a day.

But if you feel miserable about spoiling yourself, you can always buy gifts for your family and friends, who will give you so much affection. You need it. Whatever you choose, you deserve it. Remember to leave some cash in your wallet; otherwise you will be labelled as a maniac consumer.

Cinema is also a good antidote for sorrow. Call your available friends, guys if you are female and vice versa, and go to watch some horror, suspense or comedy movies. Some sparks might light in the darkness. Nobody knows. Please, keep in mind not choosing dramas or romantic films, which make you feel depressed and ruin your happy single afternoon.

If all else fails, go to a bar. You are available on the market. You can do a quick scan of the place and have an eye on the cutest prospects. That is the privilege of being single, looking at whomever you want without listening to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s scoldings. Always, try to start interesting conversations and avoid weather topics.

Finally, do not forget the golden rule. It is strictly prohibited to call your ex. It is way better to stuff yourself with chocolates or popcorn than to waste your time on the one that got away.


Image: Courtesy of fotos-humor

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