Love in the Age of Wifi

February 11, 2017 Stephen Robinson 0

WRITTEN BY STEPHEN ROBINSON | INTERACTIVE MEDIA BY HAILEY MCADAMS Fifteen years ago, well before Kim Kardashian “broke the internet”, I knew what it meant to date. I was young and naive back then, but […]

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Women still earn far less than men

March 7, 2013 News Desk 0

While Canada is often praised for the leaps it has made towards gender equality, a major source of inequality persists. The gender wage gap – or, the difference between what men and women earn in […]

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Gun homicides on the rise in Toronto

February 8, 2013 News Desk 0

Despite an overall decrease in Toronto’s murder rate over the past 12 years, gun homicides are on the rise. In 2012, 61 per cent of homicides in Toronto were committed with a firearm.  This number […]

Obama and Bush: a “striking” comparison

February 8, 2013 News Desk 0

Despite Barack Obama’s platform slogans promising change, many of his policies are in line with that of former president George W. Bush. Here’s a breakdown of their similarities (click for a larger image).