Sheridan College Trafalgar Campus Parking lot


Not only do you pay an arm and a leg for tuition, but also, there are books, materials needed for certain programs and living costs, from rent to groceries. There has been a $30 increase for 2016/2017 annual parking fees.

Sheridan College Oakville Campus charges $260 for parking pass for one term and $480 for two terms. Sheridan however does provide free shuttle busses. We took a look at a few other colleges:

Sheridan Davis Campus charges the same as Trafalgar.

Fanshawe College in London charges $163 for one term and $338 for two terms.

Conestoga College in Waterloo, charges $262 for one term and $ 440 for two terms.

George Brown College in Toronto, doesn’t even have its own parking lot. Students have to find parking from private companies.

Sheridan does charge the most out of the other colleges. About a $100 difference between Fanshawe and Sheridan in parking passes. Since there has been an increase in parking fees, will students be more likely to take public transportation rather than paying for parking? We asked some students/staff at the Sheridan College, Trafalgar Campus.


John Rossi (Thai Express cook at Sheridan) “We don’t pay for parking. We are contractors under Compass Canada. Everyone in the food service here is too.”


Robin Talukder a Sheridan student in the Software Development Network Engineering program says: “When I saw the price I freaked out. It’s so expensive. I live in Mississauga so it’s hard to get here by public transportation. They do offer free shuttle busses but it’s only from campus to campus. I still live far from the Mississauga campus so it doesn’t work for me.”

All students and faculty have s to pay for parking except for people working in the food service.